DIY avante garde pendant lighting

Do-it-Yourself | Avante Garde Pendant Light

Updating our home can be as easy as changing lighting fixtures. Lights add a touch of drama without overdoing the whole setup, and the way they illuminate our interior creates another level of beauty. But undoubtedly, these pendants, lamps, or chandeliers can be heavy on our tight budget.

To transform those overhead lighting, we played with the classic light bulb and recycled barbeque sticks. Here’s what we came up with:

DIY-Avante Garde Pendant Light


  •  Light bulb
  •  Chain Socket
  •  White paint
  •  Wood dowels
  •  Cutter or scissors
  •  Glue gun
  •  Glue stick


  1. Paint a 16-inch wooden stick (about the circumference of a balloon stick) white. You can opt for a spray paint or brush painting. Make sure the stick is painted completely. You can burnish the sticks with a coarse sand paper for a polished look. Or you can leave them as they are for a natural feel.
  2. Attach one stick horizontally on the top of the chain socket. Then attach two sticks on either end. This will be the first frame of your chandelier from which you can “attach” your design. Make sure to glue the sticks together neatly with a hot glue gun. Get rid of those unsightly glue strings.
  3. Now, you can attach the remaining sticks to decorate. Cut the sticks if needed.
  4. Hang above your dining table or living room for full effect.

Words Apple Dacayan Ocampo

Photography Kriscel Diane Go

Celebrity Living June-July 2011

**As seen on Celebrity Living June-July 2011, page 30.:)**


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