One Sunday Afternoon

“When you drink coffee you are already two hours ahead of your peers.” I heard someone said it. Well too bad for me ’cause I don’t drink coffee. *insert non-coffee drinker puns here* Anyway, my friends and I visited two coffee shops last Sunday where we had our lunch and killed some time before we watched Burnt.

First Stop:

Common Man Coffee Roasters (22 Martin Road 01-00, Singapore 239058)

Common Man

Some ordered the Common Man Burger and the Tender Pulled Pork Burger.

Mine was the Organic Eggs Benedict—Tender braised ox cheeks, two poached organic eggs & chive hollandaise, with pepita toast. Look at those runny eggs. Yum!

And some Crab Salad to share—shredded crab meat with wild rocket, romaine, endive, sugar snaps, avocado, mint, pomegranate & caper crumbs in a mango mint dressing for sharing.

Common Man4


I tried all the food we ordered and in my opinion the Eggs Benedict and the Crab Salad are delectable dishes. A must-try! Sorry guys, I can’t comment on their coffee but according to my peers they are good.

Second Stop:

Toby’s Estate (8 Rodyk Street, 01-03/04 Singapore 238216)

Toby's Estate

The place is bigger than the usual cafes here in Singapore.

Some beans and dessert they sell.

Tempura Mushrooms—Chunky tempura portobello mushrooms with lightly drizzled citrus dressing.

Toby's Estate13

Green apple and Pineapple Orange juice—freshly squeezed.

Toby's Estate12

I got to also taste the Affogato. It’s nice (coming from a person whoe doesn’t drink coffee.) Maybe because of the vanilla ice cream. LOL

Toby's Estate14

And the V60. I love their mug—matte finish and I love that gold accent on a black mug.

Toby's Estate9

My friend also took some photos of me.


If you are looking for a place who serves a lot of cakes, this is not a place for you. But, if what your after is keeping those caffeine flowing in your bloodstream then by all means drop by here and have a taste of their Woodneck or the V60 coffee. And DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT forget to order the Tempura Mushrooms!

Update: I have learned to drink and enjoy coffee. And I am thankful I did.

I love flat white, lattes and cold brew.

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