Love’s complications

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“Love has it’s complications,” a friend told me yesterday, “especially if you are in a relationship.”

I agree with her. It will not be easy from the beginning until the end. It takes both persons to make it work. Cliché as it may seems, actions DO speak louder than words, right? Sometimes words are just plain words without the gestures to back it up.

She asked me: “Why does he live on his own little world? And just do his own thing like I am not in his life? He’s more involved and interested with his friends. We should be partners in this right?”

All I can do was listen to her, and silently agree with her. It’s not wrong to have your own thing but it’s important to be each others’ partner/companion. Involvement and honesty plays an important part and remember not to take each other for granted. Never make them feel that they are not important and they don’t have any part in your life, because if you do, you’ll be pushing them farther from you bit by bit until you realise that it’s too late.

I would like to end this entry with this:

Love should be a verb and not a noun. It should be felt AND heard.

Stay in love guys!<3

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