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Do-it-Yourself | Accessories Hanger

fashion hanger

Today’s fashion commands us to wear kilos and kilos of accessories—daily hanging over our necks, arms, and ears. With your frequent visits to the mall and bazaars for great accessory finds, your dresser can barely hold your accessories. We reinvent this classic fashion staple to hold your precious jewelry. Here is a nod to one of your closet buddies—the hanger. We transform it into an accessory holder.


  • Wire
  • colorful beads
  • extra long round head fasteners


  1. Bend a hard wire into the shape of a hanger. Use an old-fashioned wire hanger as a guide.
  2. Before coiling to finish, insert colorful beads into the wire, creating your own design.
  3. Attach five extra long round head fasteners onto the “base” of the hanger, which will serve as the hooks for hanging your necklaces, bracelets, and scarves. Place the hooks alternately with the beads. Make sure to space equally.
  4. Bend the fastener into a hook.
  5. When you’re done inserting beads (and satisfied with your design), twist the end at the top to complete the hanger.
  6. For more options, you can use an old hanger. Attach the round head fastener first at the longer side of the hanger. Then cover the hanger and the fastener with colored ribbons.
  7. Twist two sets of wire into a long spiral and attach at both of the shorter sides of the hanger. Make sure these are parallel to the base of the hanger.
  8. Hang inside your closet’s door with your must-have accessories.

Words by Apple Dacayan Ocampo
Photography by Kriscel Diane Go

**As seen on Celebrity Living April-May 2011 issues, page 25

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